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Why A Second Home in Ooty is Fascinating? Top 8 Recreational Activities in Ooty.

Posted on August 21, 2013 by Ajeesh Jose in Info for Buyers

Why A Second Home in Ooty is Fascinating? Top 8 Recreational Activities in Ooty.

Location is vital to your property investment, whether its a holiday home, second home or a just an investment, you need to do your research on how appealing a location to its stakeholders. Here we take a look at recreational activities available in Ooty, which makes it a unique location for any property buyer.

1. Golf course in Ooty
One of the prime attractions of Ooty apart from excellent climatic conditions, are its Golf course set in serene backgrounds. The Golf course in Ooty is owned and maintained by Gymkhana Golf Club, Ooty. Set at an altitude of 7200 feet above sea level, the Golf club is considered to be one of the finest, challenging natural Golf clubs in the world.

Colonel Fane Sewell formed the golf course in 1891 and then Gymkhana Golf club was formed by golf enthusiasts in 1896. The course comprises of 18 holes in over 190 acres with many challenging holes due to highrise eucalyptus, oak and fir trees hiding view.

Ooty’s climatical conditions is a unique attraction to this golf club when compared to golf clubs in other locations. If you are a golf enthusiast, you can join the club and the course is open 7 days a week barring tournaments.

2. Trekking in Ooty
Ooty is one of the valleys on top of Nilgiri hills. Nilgiri hills comparises of over 35 peaks, some of which are really challenging enough for professional mountaineers. Many local and international trekking enthusiasts found these trekking places with the help of local folks who are well aware of dangers, climatic conditions and presence of wild animals.

Peaks in Nilgiris offer hills that would appreciate the tastes of novices and veterans. Here is a list of few well known peaks in Nilgiris.

  • Mukurthi Peak
  • Snowdon peak
  • Doddabetta peak
  • Dimhatti Hill
  • Kulakombai
  • Teneriffe
  • Avalanche hill (Kudikkadu and Kolaribetta)
  • Needle Rock
  • Hadiabetta Hill
  • Dolphin’s Nose
  • Muttunadu Betta
  • Elk Hill

There are many more enticing, less travelled trekking options for hardcore mountaineers.

3. Nature Photography
Ooty, known for its scenic beauty, also offers a wide variety of flora and fauna. Breathtaking views of tea plantations, hills, wild animals and many more exciting natural phenomenon awaits a photographer. Ooty has always been an attractive background for many Indian films.

4. Horse riding
One of the oldest sports and an art, horse riding is a major attraction of the hill station Ooty. If you are bit familiar with horse riding, you can hire a horse for a longer time to enjoy the ride or take a short trip in the hills.

5. Cycling
If you wish to enjoy the beauty of Nilgiri hills and feel the nature a bit more closer, rent a bicycle from Ooty, near Ooty lake, go on a ride. According to many, cycling in Nilgiri hills is a pleasant experience as the climate is cold and you don’t sweat as much.

6. Boating
Boating is a must have experience for first time visitors of Ooty. The largest lake is spread about 65 acres and has a boat house run by Tamilnadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC) where enthusiasts can rent boats – paddleboats, rowboats or motorboats. There are boatraces, boat pageantry are conducted for two days in summer in this artificial lake.

7. Hang gliding
There are a variety of air sports being performed in hills of Nilgiris due to its altitude. Hang gliding has successfully been running on Kalahatty peak for years. Kalahatty peak is about 20 km from ooty and you can get more information about hang gliding from Local tourism office. March to May is the best season for hang gliding in Ooty.
8. Fishing
Emerald Lake: Emerald lake situates in about 25 Km from Ooty and is a great spot for fishing, variety of birds and scenic sun rise and sun set.

  • Avalanche Lake: 28 km off from Ooty, Emerald Lake stand for trout fishing, visitors can get accessories for fishing nearby and engage in trout fishing from a fishing dock
  • set up near the lake.
  • Kamaraj Sagar lake: It is about 10km from Ooty and and is panoramic location, it also offers a great fishing experience.
  • Mukurthi fishing hut: THe fishing hut at Mukurthi is about 40Km from Ooty and it’s a great location built by britishers.
  • Porthimund Lake.

Recreational activities are endless in Nilgiris with right climatic conditions, which makes it one of the top locations to own a second home for whatever reasons; weekend stays, retired life, rental income, appraising investment.


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