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What Makes Real Estate in Nilgiris Evergreen or Is It Just A Buzz?

Posted on August 14, 2013 by Ajeesh Jose in Real Estate Nilgiris

What Makes Real Estate in Nilgiris Evergreen or is it just a buzz?

Real estate in Nilgiris, TamilNadu has always been a lucrative deal for real estate investors and for second home buyers. The same reasons that attracted the britishers from such a long time ago to have bungalows in Ooty, are more or less the same reasons that attract investors and second home buyers today to Ooty – the nature’s blessings – climatic conditions, greenery, freshness and culture.

Let’s take a deeper look into these attributes which makes the basis for any real estate investments in Nilgiris and nearby localities such as Ooty, Kotagiri, Gudalur, Coonoor etc.

1. Climate
The relatively stable climatic conditions of Nilgiris is the first thing that attracts anyone to this place – mainly tourists, national and international ones. High temperature ranges between approximately 17-20 degree celsius and low temperatures ranges between 5-12 degree celsius making it an all time favorite location for those who are looking for a getaway and for those who are investing in a second home for a calm retirement life or a vacation home.

2. Scenic beauty of hill station
Hill stations have always been charming, especially when connected well with nearby cities, for its climatic conditions, breathtaking sceneries and wildlife sanctuaries which most hill stations are. Nilgiris, the district has almost 50% of its area preserved for wildlife, offer spectacular views of rare breeds of wild animals.

3. Historical importance
Nilgiris, especially Ooty bears a lot of historical importance as it has been the vacation home for early European settlers and Royal families across south India. These early adopters of the charming beauty has made a lot of entertaining arrangements to Ooty ranging from race courses, Golf courses and gardens, now adorns the hill station with an air of authenticity.

4. Eco friendliness
Folks who wishes to have a second home, have always been attracted by eco friendliness, especially if they have a home in a metro. This is true for investors as the end customer is someone who wants enjoy the freshness of nature at its best. Residents of Nilgiris are already well aware of the concepts of eco friendliness and tries to maintain a balance.

5. Top schools and colleges
Ooty offers some of the best schools and colleges in India. These top colleges and schools attributes to early real estate developments in and around Ooty. Some of the major schools are Breeks memorial school, Good Shepherd International school, Hebron School, Lawrence School, St. Joseph’s higher secondary school etc. Colleges include CSI college of engineering in ketti, McGan’s Ooty School of architecture, Government Arts College, Stone House Hill etc.

6. Low crime levels
Nilgiri Localities such as Ooty, Coonoor, Gudalur and Kotagiri offers a safe place to live in. People of many religions, origins and cultures are living harmoniously in all these areas and have low crime levels. Folks who want to spend their vacation or retire prefer these friendly hills for this reason too.

7. Connectivity
All localities in Nilgiris are well connected with other parts of the state through road and rail. Ooty situates on National highway NH 67. Ooty is easily reachable from different parts of Tamilnadu, from Karnataka and Kerala through 5 main routes. It is about 535 Km from Chennai, 80 km from Coimbatore, 155 km from mysore, 290 from Bangalore and 281 from Kochi.
Ooty is also connected by train

8. Tourist attractions
The tourists play an important role in the value of Ooty as a real estate investment option for many who invest solely for rental income and its appreciation. There are many attractive tourist destinations in Ooty and around including the largest rose garden in India and a botanical garden. The stone house, a bungalow built by Ooty’s founder John sullivan, and lake which hosts boat races and boat pageantry annually.

9. Farmland
When you are planning to spend a vacation or live retired in Ooty, farming can be a great rejuvenating activity. Nilgiri hills suits the climatic conditions and altitudes required to cultivate certain fruits and flowers. Fresh fruits from your backyard or probably a larger farm can be a lifetime experience for many.

We have organized a few well known reasons for thriving real estate investments in Nilgiris in case if you wonder why its such a buzz these days. Whether it’s a second home, a retirement plan or a rental income, investments in Nilgiris are here to stay.


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