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Gudalur, Nilgiris – Quick view

Do not mistake this with Gudalur near Theni, Gudalur, Nilgiris is a serene hillstation on the border of three states – Kerala, Karnataka, in TamilNadu. The picturesque location is also a haven of old settlers from Kerala and Srilanka, who have been given land by Govt. of Tamilnadu. Blessed with natural beauty and breathtaking views of three different states from differnt areas of Gudalur makes it a mainly a view point and as the name suggest, a meeting place.

Take a look at some quick facts on Gudalur.

1. Accessibility

  • Ooty – 50 Km
  • Coimbatore – 132 km
  • Sultan Bathery – 45 km
  • Mysore – 108 km
  • Kozhikode – 109 km
  • Kochi – 244 km
  • Bangalore – 248 km
  • Chennai – 585 km

2. Institutions – Schools

  • Bharath English School, Gudalur, Coonoor
  • Vidhyodaya School, Gudalur, Coonoor
  • Govt. Higher Secondary School,Health Camp, Gudalur.
  • Fatima Higher Secondary School,Health Camp, Gudalur.
  • St. Marys High School,Upper Gudalur, Gudalur.
  • Sacred Heart Matriculation School, Kayyunni, Gudalur
  • St. Thomas Higher Secondary School, Kusumagiri, Gudalur.
  • Morning Star Matriculation School, Mica Mount, Gudalur.
  • Bharath Matriculation School, Bandipet, Gudalur.
  • Kalaivani Matriculation School, S.S. Nagar, Gudalur.
  • G.T.M.O. High School, Chembala, Gudalur.
  • Govt. Primary School, Health Camp, Gudalur.
  • Govt. Primary School, T.K. Pet, Gudalur.
  • Govt. Primary School, Chungam, Gudalur.
  • Banyan Play School, Belvedere, Ooty Road, Gudalur.


  • Bharathiar University Arts and Science College,[11] Gudalur.
  • Plantation Workers Industrial (ITI), Mica Mount, Gudalur.
  • McGAN`Ooty School of Architecture,[12] Gudalur.

3. Hotels (Some are in Masinagudi)

  • Green Valley Resorts
  • Gouri Farms
  • Mudumalai Holiday Village
  • Bamboo Grove Holiday Home
  • Glen View Resort
  • Bamboo Banks Farm Guest House

4. People
You can find mainly;

  • Tamilians
  • Keralites (early settlers)
  • Srilankans (early settlers from Srilanka)
  • Kannadigas and people from different parts of India.

5. Climate
Similar to that of Ooty.

6. Economy

  • Tea
  • Variety of hill crops
  • Paddy
  • Coconut
  • &Tourism

7. Tourist attractions

  • Needle Rock View Point: A view point where you can see three states Kerala (Aanakkallu or Hill called sleeping beauty), karnataka (Bandipur and parts of Mysore) & Tamilnadu (all parts of Gudalur and Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary).
  • Frog Hill View Point: A hill shaped into a huge frog from where a full view of Gudalur and sleeping beauty mountains are possible.
  • Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary : Tigers, Cheetahs, Deers, Elephants, Bison, the Lion Tailed Macaque, King Cobra, Python etc. are found here.
  • Numbalakottai Vimalagiri : A temple of Vettakarappan (Lord of the hunts) is located here which is an extension of Nilambur Kovilagam of Kerala.
  • Kalampuzha : This village is home for NAVA(Adivasi Trust) and PALM2, two NGO’s working for the welfare of indigenous peeople of Gudalur.
  • Manvayal/Bospara : An early settlement from Kerala lives here engaged in Agriculture.
  • Nelliyalam : Ruis of a fort of Ummatur dynasty is found here and it was ruled by Nelliyalam Rani.

Other places are

  • Ponneni
  • Singara and Moyar
  • Cherangode
  • Cherambady
  • Kunnalady
  • Nellakotta
  • Hanging Bridges
  • Genepool Garden
  • Kariyasholai
  • Devala, receives highest rainfall after Chirapunch.
  • Valat Mahavishnu Temple
  • Cherangode Swami Malai
  • Velleri River
  • Kusumagiri Murugan Temple
  • Sandanamalai Murugan Temple

8. Options for Real estate investments

  • Plantations
  • Residential plots
  • Independent houses

Gudalur is yet another place being discovered and acquired fast by many investors and second home buyers.