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9 Reasons To Own A Second Home In Ooty

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Ajeesh Jose in Info for Buyers

9 Reasons To Own A Second Home In Ooty

Whether you have been dreaming about a second home in Ooty or you have just enjoyed the climatic conditions and the scenic beauty of Nilgiris on your last trip to wish you could have stayed there forever, a second home in Ooty is equally charming. If you have ever doubted the worth of a vacation home in Ooty, take a look at the following 9 reasons to ease your decision.

  1. A perfect getaway: If you are one of those who love your job, but doesn’t want overdoing it to kill your passion, then you would be considering a break away from your work and probably the place you live in.Ooty, known as the “Queen of Hillstations” is a perfect getaway offering the thrills of a good road trip to your home back in Ooty, where you are welcomed by breathtaking beauty of hills on the way and a cool climate.
  2. Highly desirable profile: As Mark Twain famously quoted “Buy land, they are not making it anymore” is accurate in case of Ooty. Homes or a bungalows can be scarce a few years later or the prices can be skyhigh. The climatic conditions, altitude and the scenic beauty makes the location highly desirable both as an investment and as a leisure. Makes investments, when they are open, create value.
  3. Valuable investment: Ooty is Ooty and the climatic conditions or the altitude cannot be replicated which makes properties in Ooty evergreen. As long as people crave for great climate and natural beauty, your property remains a valuable investment. Ooty – the queen of hill stations holds a guarantee in case of demand both as second home buyers and as tourists.
  4. Peaceful: Ooty is a peaceful location, barring the town – sometimes you want people around, once a little far from the small town you are blessed with a calmness to enjoy the excellent climatic conditions with your loved ones.
  5. Good hotels:  Ooty offers a large number good hotels where you can dine. On a vacation, you may be in a mood to try different varieties of regional and global cuisine. Since Ooty is a preferred location to many honeymooners, settings can be really romantic for any couple.
  6. Accessibility: Ooty is easily accessible by road from many different locations in Tamilnadu especially from Coimbatore, bangalore in Karnataka through mysore and from different parts of Kerala through coimbatore and Kodaikkanal. The hills can also be reached through trains but are less frequent, however, a journey uphill on the train can be a great experience.
  7. Activities: A wide range of activities are awaiting you if you are willing to experiment. Golf courses, horse riding, trekking, forest exploration and cycling. More thrilling activities like paragliding, mountaineering and rock climbing.
  8. Top schools: Ooty offers some of the best schools in India. If you wish to have your kids educated in one of these, a second home here can be a great option as you may be able to spend weekends with them or a vacation just where they are. Here is a list of top schools in Ooty.
  9. Growing your own fruits & vegetables: if you ever dreamt of cultivating fruits or vegetables for your needs, Ooty offers suitable climate for apples, oranges and many vegetables. Have a little time spend on gardening and farming in your small or large farm near your home. This can be a refreshing experience.

Visit Ooty, you may find a lot more thrilling activities tailored for your likes. Ensure you have enough reasons to buy a home back in Ooty.


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