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10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Second Home in Ooty?

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Ajeesh Jose in Info for Buyers

Planning to buy a second home? Here are few questions that you can ask yourself to be better clarified about your plan and to ensure that you have taken a good look at your reasons to make a large investment; a second home in Ooty.

1. How good can I enjoy Ooty? Is Ooty a place that I love to be in?

When you are looking to choose a location for your second home, ensure that it’s a place that you love to be in and the location has enough things that you love to engage with. Remember, you are going to invest in a home and all amenities.
Ooty:- has enough reasons to be your preferred location.

2. How easy can I reach there?

If you can’t easily reach there and get back to your primary place of living, probably you wouldn’t take the risk.
Ooty:- Well Connected by road.

3. How good an investment is it?

A second home is an investment, no matter what your reasons to buy them. You may consider the appreciation the property can offer, the demand it can generate in future etc.

Ooty:- Climatic conditions attract people and land is already scarce.

4. Would my family members prefer it?

You would buy a property away from your primary home to get away with your family to have a great time together. If one of them have other preferred locations, tastes that the place don’t offer, you need to weigh these factors.

Ooty:- The climate, the road trip, scenic beauty, parks, historical monuments, forest, trekking, horse riding, golf etc.

5. Any other earning potential such as rental income from your investment?

Check if your investment can give you recurring returns through rental or through any other modes.

Ooty: Ooty is one of the top tourist destinations in the country to get you consistent rental income, if you prefer. You may also cultivate if you have land around.

6. How good can you take care of the property? Good caretaker available?

You will want to keep the property intact, clean and looked after, check if you will be able to make arrangements to take care of the property.

Ooty: There are many firms and individuals offering you caretaker services.

7. What are the other entertainment options?

Back in your vacation home, you will want to entertain yourself and your family to the best. It is a great idea to check what are those options.

Ooty:- Golf course, good hotels to dine, peaceful area, farming options, mountain hiking, forest trails, boating, horse race etc.

8. Any potential threat to my health, well being and finance?

Check if you can manage the second home financially, there may be many associated costs other than initial payment to maintain your home. You may also check if the cool climate affect your health and well being.

Ooty: Offers a good return as the time goes due to scarcity of land and higher awareness of Ooty as a good destination. Climate is moderate but it may get colder in winter.

  • 9. How good is my neighbourhood?

You want to live in a peaceful area. Checking into your neighborhood may be a great idea to see how noisy or calm they are.

Ooty: Many in Ooty are peaceful retirees who enjoy a calm serene atmosphere.

10. Do I prefer living here after I retire?

This would be a bonus or a primary reason for you to own a second home. Once you retire, you may choose to enjoy a long vacation here.

Ooty: Peaceful conditions, low crime rate with accessibility to hospitals and relaxation options.

These questions are starting points to think about buying a second home in Ooty. Please bear in mind that there may be a lot more
factors to consider depending on your health, investment capabilities, age and other preferences.


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